Angostura Sales Managers Workshop Survey

We would like the members of the Sales Managers team at Angostura who completed the training workshop facilitated by YourLifePurpose Limited, to take a few minutes to complete this anonymous survey about the workshop.  We thank you in advance for your time and your valuable responses:

The content was laid out well in the PowerPoint Presentations *

The discussion sessions and worksheets were helpful to get a better understanding of the material being presented *

The workshop was applicable to my role at Angostura *

I would recommend this workshop to other clients/colleagues *

The program modules were well paced within the allotted time *

The instructors were good communicators *

The material was presented in an organized manner *

The instructors were knowledgeable on the various topics *

Given the topics, was this workshop *

Please rate the following:

Visuals *

Zoom meeting space *

Handouts *

Roleplay exercises *

Instructors *

What did you most appreciate and enjoy about the workshop? Any suggestions for improvements? *

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