Career Coaching

At YourLifePurpose Limited, we work with you the client to help you develop clarity and increased success with one of the most important aspects of your life – your career. We help you find the career that fulfils your purpose in life. We specialize in one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching, helping you discover the profession and career that will make the rest of your life’s challenges easier to deal with.

Most people are in careers that they are not passionate about, and thus are not fulfilling what they consider their “life purpose”. At YourLifePurpose Limited, we tackle this problem in a systematic way that produces amazing results in four or less coaching sessions. Below are the simple steps that we use in this process of helping you to discover your ideal career.  Our aim is to help you select one of the careers in the orange section of the Career Coaching Cube above:

  • We assign you one or two Psychometric assessments to complete at our Online Assessment Centre, namely, (i) the “Vocational Style & Career Assessment (VoSCA)”, and possibly (ii) the “Values Profile Assessment (VaPro)”.
  • The reports from the above assessments are printed, and your Career Coaching sessions are scheduled.
  • The VoSCA assessment produces a report that lists the interests, intelligence types, values, and work-styles of the client in descending order of scores, and then lists six to ten careers that match your strengths. These careers are retrieved from the most up-to-date US Department of Labor’s O*Net career database of over 1,300 distinct careers! The report is then used in the career coaching relationship as a starting point for your self-discovery regarding your career path and consequent “life purpose.”
  • The VaPro report also provides you with insight into your top work value, top core value and your top personal value.  The top work value points to recommended career categories which can then be cross-referenced with the careers recommended for you by the first assessment, the VoSCA.  This further narrows down your possible careers.
  • The progress and notes for each session as well as the Psychometric assessments in the form of PDFs are recorded in our company’s private password-protected blog. Most importantly, only you the client and the coach have access to it, ensuring the utmost confidentiality.
  • An action plan is agreed upon at the end of each session and also recorded at the end of the blog for that session. You the client can review the coach’s notes from each session, and can add your own notes as well as progress made on the action plan. We always follow up with you at the start of each session to see what progress was made on the action plan from the last session, and to keep things flowing in a positive direction until your final goal is achieved.

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