Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials_1_375x273“I enrolled in the Career Coaching process with Anthony Hadeed of YourLifePurpose Limited to determine my personality and near-perfect career matches. Although the process is not yet complete, the insight that I have gained thus far is remarkable, and this should be a tool that is implemented for mature students enrolled in higher levels of secondary schools to promote better job placement, careers, and overall happier young people overall. I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching services of YourLifePurpose Limited.” Shamir Khan

“At the beginning of my Coaching sessions, I wanted to relieve my confusion about my career path and my future at large. I participated in four Coaching sessions with Anthony, and my overall experience with him as my Career and Life Coach was wonderful! I gained an incredible sense of purpose and direction for my life. Before this, I was horribly depressed and confused about my career and my future at large, but now I have great clarity and focus, and I’m excited about my future prospects. I completed three Psychometric assessments as part of the process and was able to choose my ideal career path in the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching services of Anthony and YourLifePurpose Limited to my friends!” Natasha Sutherland

“My goal at the beginning of the sessions was to focus my thoughts on selecting the best suited career for me. I also wanted to learn more about my strengths and where I needed to make improvements. Simply put gaining guidance was my main goal at the start of my sessions, and my goals were definitely achieved by the end of my four Career and Life Coaching sessions. My overall experience with YourLifePurpose limited has been a very eye-opening one. I was able to succeed at achieving all the goals I set out for myself. Anthony has been a remarkable help to me, his wealth of knowledge and encouragement reminded me of the original plan I created for myself. I was able to learn more about myself and what possible avenues I could take career-wise. I left my last session feeling accomplished and hopeful about my future. I had finally made a decision about what career path I wanted to choose, and I am confidently saying YourLifePurpose limited is definitely worth it for anyone who needs any clarification and help in realizing your actual potential, whilst being able to choose the best possible career path for you. Thank you Anthony for a great experience!” Portia Mc Quilkin

“After my first year in university, I found myself lost and unsure about where I was going. The main goal when I started the sessions was to have some experienced guidance in moving forward with my education and life in general. After four Career Coaching sessions, my goals were definitely achieved! Anthony was very patient and helpful in every session we had. He helped me examine myself and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, all the while guiding me closer to a career that worked for me. After four sessions, I went from being worried about the path I was taking towards my future, to knowing exactly what I wanted, and what it entails getting there. I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching services of YourLifePurpose Limited to anyone finding themselves in my shoes.” Patrick Ferreira

“My goals at the start of the Career Coaching sessions were to have a clearer understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, as well as to gain insight into the career that I had chosen at University, and whether or not it was the right choice for me. In just over four sessions, my goals were goals achieved! My experience can be described as life-changing. I genuinely enjoyed every session and received the greatest level of motivation. Mr. Anthony Hadeed understood my conflict and issues from the very first session, and he was able to guide me accordingly. I’m very happy that I was given the opportunity to participate in this program, and I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching services to my friends.” Shannon Johnson

“At the start of my Career Coaching sessions with Anthony, my aim was to find out what I wanted to study, and to figure out the career to start studying for my future. It was a very calming and interesting experience. It helped me greatly as I was confused in the beginning as what to study. It helped me with a few of my own life problems as well, which I did not expect it to. I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching sessions that Anthony provides through his company YourLifePurpose Limited.” Christian Landreth-Smith

“Having recently chosen to take a gap year preceding university, my main goal was not only to find a career which met my personal and educational requirements, but simply made me excited to imagine myself working there everyday for the rest of my life. I knew that once I found this I would gain great purpose to drive me down the right path for success and happiness. From the moment I met Mr. Hadeed, I felt his warmth, and I knew he genuinely wanted to see me succeed. He was able to meet all of my hopes and more in only three sessions! Not only was I able to find a career which perfectly fit my personality and values, but along the way I was able to do a little bit of soul searching and understand myself that much better, which is always a much needed eye opener to those lucky enough to experience it. These sessions have the potential to be a life-changing process for those willing to put in the effort, and I would strongly recommend it to all. I promise you will gain a much needed drive to kick-start you down the perfect path towards meeting your optimum level of success and happiness!” Kaeleigh De Silva

“My main goal at the start of my Career Coaching sessions with Anthony was to determine which career is best for me. When I initially began these sessions, I was very worried about my future as I had no real idea about what path was right for me. After the third session I began to see some light as to what I should do. After doing research and the assessments conducted during the sessions, I was able to make up my mind by session four. I choose a field of Engineering that I never gave real consideration to, and I am currently applying to study this at university. In my opinion this was a great investment, and I would recommend any person to try it. Anthony Hadeed is one of the nicest people you would ever meet, and I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching sessions that Anthony provides through his company YourLifePurpose Limited.” Jacob Wihby

“My goals at the start of my Career Coaching sessions with Mr. Hadeed were to determine my career path in life, and to discern whether the passion I have for a particular field was due to outside influences or whether it was a passion that I had embedded in me all along. Before I started these sessions with Mr. Hadeed I was extremely confused about what career would be best suited for me. I had already started school in one particular field, and I wasn’t sure whether I was doing this course of study for me or because of outside influences. I was frustrated, angry and confused about what I was meant to do in life. Mr. Hadeed gave me insight into my relationships, values and emotions, which helped me to first determine who I am as a person. This new information not only helped me to realize how much passion I had for my field of study, but it also helped me to realize that if I wanted, I could also be in another field, and still have that passion and sense of fulfillment. Most importantly, his sessions helped me to not only make informed decisions but to be confident in my decision making. These sessions were invaluable, very empowering and I am glad I did this. In just three sessions, I was able to achieve my goals! I would strongly recommend to my friends the Career and Life Coaching sessions that Mr. Hadeed provides through his company YourLifePurpose Limited.” Kim Mora

“At the start of my Career Coaching sessions with Anthony, I felt lost in my career, and I was hoping to find the proper direction that my career should take. I needed to narrow down my job search and focus on positions that would really suit me. I was at a point where I felt I had so many possible paths I could follow, and not sure which one I should choose. In just four sessions, Anthony helped me focus my attention on doing what I really wanted to do with my career, and by the fourth session, my goals were achieved for the most part. Although I am still looking for my next step, I know that I would be just as aimless as before if I had not had my sessions with Anthony. Now, I have a much better idea than before as to what sort of work I should be doing. I would certainly recommend to my friends the Career and Life Coaching sessions that Anthony provides through his company YourLifePurpose Limited.” Jason Gilliland

“I began my sessions with Anthony with the goal of finding a career path that was more in tune with my values, and gave me a greater sense of purpose. I was dissatisfied with my career at the time, but I didn’t know what I really wanted to do. I felt “locked-in” to my career path. I wanted to find a way to create a life in which my work was also my passion. In the five sessions with Anthony, my goals were definitely achieved! My experience with YourLifePurpose Limited was invaluable. I thought I knew myself pretty well before I started my sessions with Anthony, but his coaching methods allowed me to really explore and question what is most important to me in life, and I learned a great deal about who I am and what I ultimately want. I always looked forward to my sessions because I came away from each one feeling as though I had deepened my self-awareness while I made progress in my journey to creating a richer, fuller, more purposeful life. I would highly recommend the Career and Life Coaching services to my friends.” Gabi Gilliland

“At the beginning of the Career and Life Coaching sessions, I wanted to learn more about myself, and to find out what kind of career would make me feel happy and fulfilled. By the end of my four sessions with Mr. Hadeed, my goals were definitely achieved! Mr. Hadeed seemed to really relate to what I was feeling, and the Psychometric testing that he uses as part of his practice was very helpful. I gained a better understanding of my own talents and goals, and was able to discover what type of work environment I would really thrive in! I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching services to my friends.” Sara Cross

“My goal at the beginning of the Career and Life Coaching sessions at YourLifePurpose Limited was to find out exactly what career would be best suited for me so that I wouldn’t go down the wrong path and have to start all over again. By the end of my sessions of Career and Life Coaching with Mr. Hadeed, my goal was definitely achieved! I must say that after each and every session, I felt more positive and I felt like I was getting somewhere. I found that Mr. Hadeed was very helpful, caring and very understanding which made me feel comfortable from day one. I think the sessions were interesting, and they definitely made me feel more comfortable with the subjects I am doing at school. Now I look forward to studying hard to achieve the career path set out for me. Not only did I feel motivated to choose my career, but also to the other aspects that create a balanced life such as exercise and spirituality. I just wanted to thank Mr. Hadeed so much for his help, and I cannot even express in words how I feel and have felt after every session with him. I really believe that my spirituality has grown too. I feel that God really worked through Mr. Hadeed for me to understand just a bit why everything may be happening, and helping me to have the strength to keep up my faith. I can surely say that I was losing most of my faith and beginning to give up. Mr. Hadeed is truly a gift from God and the things that he has gone through in his own life make me feel like I’m definitely not the only one and never will be. I am very happy that I attended YourLifePurpose, and I know Mr. Hadeed has helped me a lot. I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching services to my family and friends.” Chelsea Jardim

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Anthony while doing his Career Coaching program, and it’s something I will never forget or regret doing. When I first visited Anthony, I truly had no clue what my next step would be after completing a program in a completely different field. I was uncertain about my career choice, which we all know can be quite distressing. Through doing the Psychometric assessments offered by his company, and Anthony’s kind words and support, I have finally decided on a career which I’m confident I will enjoy doing and will be good at, all based on my strengths, my values, and personality. I never would have gotten to this point without Anthony – he is a great listener and a very inspiring person. His positive energy truly energizes you and gets you ready to go out there and achieve success and reach your goals. This program not only helps you discover a career path but it helps you learn things about yourself you probably never would have picked up on, allows you to grow as a person, and is a life-changing experience. I am so thankful and grateful for this experience.” Megan Nunes

“How many 17 year old boys are 100% sure of what they want to do for the rest of their lives? There are only those lucky few. The majority of us are not really concerned about our future until one day we have to decide where we want to go in life. I was fortunate enough to realize that that day was fast approaching and I really was unsure of what I wanted to do. My dad came home one day and he told me about this career coaching program, and that he thought it would help me a lot. Thanks to my father, I was introduced to Anthony Hadeed, and to be honest, I could have never of picked my career path without his guidance. In just three sessions, Anthony helped me to decide what I am going to study in University, and what I am going to do for the rest of my life. The program he runs is a guaranteed success because of the wealth of resources and information that Anthony has access to.” John Murray

“I recently contacted Anthony due to my uncertainty in terms of a career choice, after the first session I knew that the experience would have been worth the time invested. Anthony was very kind, understanding and supportive in his words, actions and passing on his advice. I immediately felt as though I was speaking to a friend. At the end of the sessions with Anthony I learned a great deal about my own personality and I am very confident in what life has to offer me as well as what I have to offer to life.” Stephan Moses

“Dear Anthony, thank you so much for seeing my son Stephan for the past four weeks (in a Career Coaching capacity). He seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, and I feel much more comfortable and confident that he now has some idea of where he may want to go and be in the future. Thanks again for your time and I will be sure to keep you posted.” Julia Moses

“When I first came to see Mr. Hadeed, I was completely uncertain about which career path I should follow. Having taken the Psychometric Career Assessment, I found that its suggestions rang true to my personality, and it was very encouraging to be presented with such appealing options. Like nobody else before, Mr. Hadeed got me thinking about the important questions one should ask oneself before making a major decision and, after just four sessions, I walked away with a huge sense of relief, knowing that I could go about my studies with a clear goal in mind. Looking back, I consider my experience with Mr. Hadeed as a turning point (in my life), and I will always be grateful for his support.” Nicholas Clarke

“When I first visited Anthony, I was at a crossroad in my life. I decided to see him to get some help figuring out the next chapter in my life. Although I had done Land Mark education and the course in miracles with Marianne Williamson, I was very impressed with Anthony’s Life Coaching abilities. He helped me walk through the challenges I was facing, he created a space for me to feel safe and fearless. He inspired me to reconnect with my soul and who I really am and what I stand for. Most of all he inspired me to feel the passion again about my life. What really impressed me was his patience and insights, his ability to listen and coach you in way that leaves you touched, moved and inspired. If you are stuck in your life, or looking for that purpose and passion you are missing, I recommend you give Anthony a call or E-mail him. Your possibilities will be endless.” Gillian Harding (Entrepreneur).

“Anthony is an exceptional life and career coach. I went to him for guidance on a career path as I was unsure of what I wanted to do. He has steered me into a clear direction and I would not have been able to do it without him. He is extremely passionate when it comes to helping others and is a great listener. I would like to thank Anthony again for coaching me in finding my life purpose. It was surely a pleasure meeting and working with him and would recommend him to anyone.” Tonya Lee-Charles.

“Dear Anthony, I wanted you to know what an impact you have had on Tonya. Clearly she respects and admires you, and over the 4 sessions I have seen her thoughts and actions move from scattered to extremely focused. I know this look, when she gets something in her head … she hangs on … until she gets it. … I know if she could harness that … determination of hers …, she would achieve amazing things!! You were able to help her realize that anything is possible once she believes in herself. For this I thank you. Tonya is such a warm-hearted and wonderful person, she deserves all the good things that life has to offer. I am thrilled to see her reach out and grab what she wants out of life.” Debbie Lee-Charles.

“I started my coaching sessions with Anthony with the general goal of getting the most out of a perplexed situation I found myself in. I was under great pressure in my personal life, a lot of confusion from a very demanding Ph.D. program. I had just started, and was struggling to find balance between my practice, my studies and my family. Anthony supported me immensely through this hard period. He is a great acknowledger and a great master of goal setting and accountability. Because of these qualities of his, I was able not only to survive, but also to mark down a lot of achievements. I shall be always thankful for Anthony’s support! Anthony has been by miles the best coach I’ve had in ICA. As a fellow coach I can certainly say that he proficiently demonstrates the ICF competences, and as a client I can share that I experienced the power of pure coaching. He has great skills in building partnerships with clients; great coaching presence in building rapport; superb acknowledgment; and great approach in holding clients accountable for setting and accomplishing goals. I am very grateful for this coaching opportunity. Thank you, Anthony!” Evelina Atanossova

“I came to Anthony to help me to organize my ICA studies,to keep a plan for the transition from my current job to the new one, and for other various personal issues, such as stress management, where I needed help in how to handle them. I achieved increased confidence and skills in how to organize the achievement of the above goals. I certainly achieved a shift in perspective during hard and stressed times, and I was able to adopt a new approach. I learned to set priorities according to my values, to celebrate my victories, and to search for solutions from within. My coach Anthony was very supportive, open, flexible, gentle, structured, punctual, encouraging, and always held a spiritual approach. He ensured a secure and friendly environment that made me feel relaxed, as though I was talking to a friend. He asked powerful questions, and achieved a shift in perspective. I liked the spiritual approach because it resonated with my values.” Noni Papastefanou