International Workshop on Coaching – Level 1

On Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 January 2018 at the Trinidad Hilton & Conference Centre, we co-hosted Level 1 of the “International Workshop on Coaching” with our global Coach training partner, International Coach Academy (ICA). The theme for Level 1 was “Manager as Coach and Coaching for Performance”.  The workshop was a resounding success with almost 50 participants coming away excited with what they learned, and eager to take their new Coaching skills to their workplaces and personal lives!

> The main topics for discussion were:

  • What Coaching is and is not
  • Verbal and non-verbal Coaching Contracts
  • Coaching Skills and Attributes
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Coaching Theory and Application
  • The link between Coaching and Management functions
  • The latest trends in Coaching
  • Perception and filters in Communication
  • Creating Action Steps
  • Identifying and overcoming Obstacles
  • Measuring Accountability
  • Feedback and Evaluation
  • Coaching Models

These topics were discussed by two esteemed Coach Instructors, Merci Miglino (MCC) of the International Coach Academy (USA) and Anthony Hadeed (PCC) of YourLifePurpose Limited (Trinidad & Tobago).