International Workshop on Coaching – Level 2

On Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 March 2018 at the Port of Spain Campus of YourLifePurpose (72 Ana Street, Woodbrook), YourLifePurpose Limited co-hosted Level 2 of the “International Workshop on Coaching” with our global Coach training partner, International Coach Academy (ICA). The theme for Level 2 was “Hit the road running as an effective Coach with practical tools!”


Each participant received one (1) free Psychometric assessment prior to the Workshop, so as to determine careers that fit their personality, intelligence types, work styles and values.  Workshop training hours included numerous practical peer-to-peer Coaching exercises as well as mentor Coaching!

> Who attended:

  • Human Resource Managers / Analysts / Professionals
  • Senior Executives and experienced Managers / Supervisors
  • Individuals with some experience in Coaching

> Main topics discussed:

  • Coaching niches
  • How to structure Coaching conversation: Coaching prep (before), Coaching scenarios (during), Coaching blogs (after)
  • Demo of coaching conversation – using the structure above
  • Format of Coaching – timeline (3-6 months), media (face to face, telephone, Skype)
  • Mentor/Observer coaching
  • Self-awareness (Suite of Psychometric Assessments)
  • Accountability (Coaching blogs)
  • Underlying beliefs (The belief closet)
  • Powerful questions

These topics were discussed by two esteemed Coach Instructors, Merci Miglino (MCC) of the International Coach Academy (USA) and Anthony Hadeed (PCC) of YourLifePurpose Limited (Trinidad & Tobago). Click here for the bio for Merci Miglino.   Click here for the bio for Anthony Hadeed.

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