Breakfast Seminar 2020: Energise Employee Engagement and Create Synergistic Teams

YourLifePurpose Limited is hosting a Breakfast Seminar entitled “Energise Employee Engagement and Create Synergistic Teams” on Thursday 21 January 2020 from 8:00 – 10:00 AM at the Trinidad Hilton & Conference Centre. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 AM. Don’t miss the opportunity to register for this game-changing seminar, where you will learn how you can get the best out of your employees, and ensure that your business enjoys sustainable development, through a combination of Energising Employee Engagement and Creating Synergistic TeamsClick here for the full flyer.

In today’s talent driven market, engaging and retaining the workforce is essential to organisational success. Top performing organizations have found the answer — developing an employee experience that creates Employee Engagement touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle. Next, building Synergistic Teams that know how to function well with each other is key to having the whole be greater than the sum of the parts. Tools exist to achieve exactly that in a scientific and easy-to-access web portal.

We both know that the Business World is rapidly changing. Retrenchment, right-sizing and falling profitability are all symptoms of businesses’ lack of agility to be proactive, adapt to the changing environment and engage in business development activities to ensure sustained optimum performance. However, your business can survive, grow and thrive with our help!

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