Workshop Survey for the Office of the Prime Minister

The Training Team at YourLifePurpose Limited would like you to complete a 10-minute survey after your participation in the recent Workshops on Emotional Intelligence and Team Building.  Your names and survey answers will not be shared with the management team at the Office of the Prime Minister, but only the overall survey scores for each question.

Participant’s Name:
Email address:
1.   The content was laid out well in the PowerPoint Presentations:
2. The workshop was applicable to my job and team dynamics:
3.   I would recommend this workshop to other clients/colleagues:
4. The program modules were well paced within the allotted time:
5.   The instructors were good communicators:
6.   The material was presented in an organized manner:
7.   The instructors were knowledgeable on the various topics:
8.   Given the topics, was this workshop:
9.  In your opinion, was this workshop:
10.  Please rate the following:
a.   Visuals
b.   Instructors
c. Meeting space and Zoom sessions
d.   Handouts
11.  What did you most appreciate/enjoy/think was best about the workshop? Any suggestions for improvement?
12.  Do you anticipate the need for assistance with Leadership, Career and/Life Coaching from one or more Coaches from YourLifePurpose Limited in your organization or personal life?
13.  If so, what are some of the issues you face in your organization or in everyday life you would like us to assist you with using Leadership, Career and/or Life Coaching?