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Career Coaching

Advancing in Your Career

Attaining a career in an industry that meets our passions and satisfies our desire to make a positive impact in the world, takes considerable careful planning and effort. But it is only the beginning of a very important journey in our lives. The next step is advancing in that career – creating the opportunities to build our ability to make our individual impact as part of the greater whole of humanity. My first piece of advice on how to advance in a career, encompasses that very idea of “the greater whole,” where we think beyond our own individual needs.

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 9 – From Employee to Entrepreneur

From dealing with your clients what would you say is the reason why so many people would like to pursue entrepreneurship? Based on your experience give some tips on the best way to transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur? What mindset changes you need to make to make the transition? How do you know it’s time to make that jump? What if it fails and you have to go back to being an employee.

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 8 – Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can play a powerful role in overall life success, especially in the workplace. Do you know what your EIQ score is, and what areas you most need to work on? Find out how you can approach this very important area of your life in a scientific and methodical way. When coupled with Life Coaching, you will see positive changes within a matter of months, if you are prepared to work at it.

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 7 – How to find Your Passion

When people advise you to find what you are passionate about and make that your career, what are they really saying? Passion and life purpose…is there a correlation? What happens if you have more than one passion or if your passion changes. Find your passion and you won’t work a day in your life…does this mean I won’t have to work hard? What are some tips on how to find your life's passion.

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 6 – Work Life Balance for Fulfillment

What really is the concept behind the phrase work-life balance? Why is it important? Is it actually achievable? Is the balance an individual choice? Tips on how to achieve it. It's a concept, including the proper prioritizing between work, which is your career, your ambitions and so on. And secondly, your lifestyle, which includes things like your health, pleasure, your leisure, family, even spiritual development as well.

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 5 – Your Top Career Questions Answered

How do I know this career is right for me? How do I get better at my career? How do I balance my career and all my other social activities? How do I set short and long goals term in my career and stick to them? What can I do in interviews to make me stand out? I am academically qualified but have not been able to gain experience in my field - what do I need to do to obtain a job in my field?

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 4 – Thinking About a Career Change

What’s the difference between changing a job and changing a career? Changing a job entails staying in the same field but changing companys. Changing a career entails moving into a whole new field. Is there a time when leaving your current job is the best option? Are there right and wrong reasons for wanting to change your career? What is the best approach to changing a career?

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 3 – I feel Stuck in my Career. What can I do?

What do you think contributes to someone feeling like they are stuck in their career? What are some of the signs? How do they become unstuck? Take a career guidance Psychometric assessment to see if you are in the right field or not! Remember, it is never too late to change your career path…I did it in my mid-40’s, and I am now happier than I've ever been in my work life!

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 2 – How to Advance Your Career

When we get into our particular career, obviously most of us would want to advance in that area, and not just stay at one level. Sometimes we can't really see the line of sight. I’m in a particular job, but do I just wait 20 years for the manager of my current job to retire for me to then get an opportunity? That may be too long for some of us to wait...

Caribbean Mentors Bonus Episode 1 – How to Choose Your Ideal Career

Career verses a job…what’s the difference? Why is selecting a career important? At what stage should someone begin actively thinking and planning for a career? Why is it so difficult for persons to select what career to pursue? Based on your training what is the recommended approach to selecting a career? Advice for parents or guardians who would want to assist their children in career selection.

Caribbean Mentors Podcast with Anthony Hadeed – 7 November 2016

Our special guest and Caribbean mentor has a single mission; to help people discover their true purpose in life. He realized that this was his purpose through his own life’s journey which allowed him to acquire a Masters degree in Physics and work 23 years in the IT field; 15 of which were spent running his own consultancy. Today he is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in Career and Life Coaching.

Lack of Emotional Health Can Sabotage Your Entire Life

Emotional intelligence is an area that we can all improve in. We very often carry around emotional baggage from our past, and we bury and forget about hurts that go way back to our childhood. The problem is this: emotions are like an internal energy that need to find an outlet. If bottled up for too long, the negative consequences to our lives and relationships can be profound! We can start the process of healing by building self-awareness about our strengths and limitation

Two Main Problems Facing Modern Education Systems

The purpose of this information brief is to highlight the two main problems that exist today in education systems around the world, namely, (1) a lack of proper career guidance and, (2) a lack of proper emotional support for students. Education systems are still focusing too much on academics in terms of ensuring that students get the highest grades possible.

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