Interview on CTV

In this video, Anthony talks with host Leeron Brumell about the launch of two Psychometric assessments aimed at (i) Form 3 students of the Caribbean (VoSCA-F3), and (ii) Form 5, 6 and University students of the Caribbean (VoSCA-SU). These assessments will help them to more accurately select their Form 4 subjects and/or University subjects by matching them with careers that best suit their personalities and strengths. It’s time for students to take the guess work and uncertainty out of the selection of their educational path – this is too important a decision not to have accurate tools such as the VoSCA-F3 and VoSCA-SU assessments to help in this process. This is exciting news because nothing of its kind has ever been done before, and no Psychometric Assessments like these two exist in the entire Caribbean region!