Psychometric Assessments

YourLifePurpose Limited, in conjunction with our partner PsychTests, Inc. offers THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE, ACCURATE AND DIVERSE PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENTS to the Caribbean and Internationally! Developed by a team of experienced psychologists and programmers, the assessments utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to deliver precise scoring and in depth analysis instantaneously in a user-friendly environment. The assessments are developed by a team of experienced Ph. D. specialists. The technical team, directed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers, continuously conducts experiments and simulations to improve the AI systems that handle complicated scoring algorithms. All of the professional tests offered are rigorously developed and based on a thorough statistical analysis. Each test is well researched and designed according to the APA (American Psychological Association) standards for educational and psychological testing. These tests have become the backbone of Psychometric assessment services to HR personnel, therapists, academics, researchers and a host of other professionals around the world.

Here is the complete list of the Psychometric assessments offered to our clients. As you will observe, the list is very extensive and covers a wide spectrum of assessments in the categories of (1) Career, (2) Personality, (3) Attitude & Lifestyle, (4) Intelligence, and (5) Relationships. Click on a tab below to find out more about the assessments in that category. For some sample assessment PDF reports, click here to view them.

Vocational Style and Career Assessment: It is important to live a purpose-driven life and to find careers with which you are compatible, and ultimately enjoy doing. A career mismatch can lead to a great deal of frustration and unhappiness. Across all jobs and careers, it is clear that people who enjoy their work tend to be better at what they do. We take this principle as the premise of this assessment. Aiming to measure particular aspects of your values and preferences, and match you with careers that you would excel at, this assessment can help broaden your understanding of the available careers in today’s complex world. This assessment is the one we recommend most frequently from our Career category as it summarizes the careers that best suit your personality, values, work styles, and intelligence types. Click here for a sample VoSCA report, and click here for a full brochure of this assessment.

Values Profile Assessment: Researchers have theorized that we all have some combination of six different values types, whether it is just one dominant value type, a combination of two or three, or some aspects of all six. Different value types may surface in different areas of a person’s life and in different situations. It is also important to remember that classification into one of these value types does not necessarily imply success and/or achievement in that realm (e.g. scoring high in Political values does not guarantee that a person would make a good politician). Instead, it means that a person highly appreciates and strives for that end-state – the value represents an ideal for them.

Career Advancement Profile: The Career Advancement Test is a tool that can be used to gauge whether you are ready to accept more responsibilities and challenges. If your score shows that you are at that point, you may be mentally equipped to move up to a higher level at work. Overall, it indicates that you feel emotionally and psychologically prepared to enter into a new, more challenging phase of your career and that you exhibit the attitude necessary to handle the move. This test, however, is only part of the equation – it won’t necessarily identify your skills and determine what kind of change you are best suited for. In order to make a decision about whether you are ready to move up, your past performance and repertoire of skills must also be considered.

Career Motivation Profile: The secret to thriving in a career is to pinpoint your personal motivators – the factors that will make you ready to tackle your work with enthusiasm, and to feel truly invigorated in your career. For some, it’s stability and recognition. For others, it may be the need to express themselves creatively, or to obtain power and prestige. What might drive one person may in fact stifle or bore another. This is why traditional approaches to employee motivation are not effective – everyone seeks different things in their careers.

Creativity and Problem-Solving Aptitude: Although logical thinking clearly has its place in the problem-solving process, it can be rather restrictive. Creative problem-solving is a method that involves using imagination in addition to cognitive techniques in order to provide a much more expansive and insightful view into the nature of a problem. Included in these results you will find your overall problem-solving score, your results on each of the sub-scales, your strengths and limitations and some helpful advice on how you can nurture and enhance this skill.

Concentration Ability Test: The ability to concentrate on a task and tune out our environment takes skill and practice. It can be difficult to prevent our mind from wandering when we’re bored or tired, so without the necessary self-discipline, a lot of problems can result. We all have the ability to focus – when we want to. Although we can’t force ourselves to love the things that bore us, we can learn to employ different techniques for improving our concentration skills.

Call Centre Customer Service Rep Test: This test will examine how well you are suited for a career as a Customer Service Call Centre Representative by providing an overview of the traits and skills required for a successful career in this field. Your overall suitability is measured by factors such as (1) People Skills including Listening Skills, Friendliness/Pleasantness, Social Insight, Helpfulness, Social Skills, Communication Skills, Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution Skills, and Patience; (2) Mental/Emotional Toughness including Performance under Pressure and being “Thick-skinned”; (3) Efficiency including Time Management, Organization Skills, Meticulousness, and Independence; (4) Cognitive Skills including Verbal/Reading Comprehension Skills, and Quick Thinking; and (5) Resourcefulness including Problem-solving, Computer Savvy, and Trainability.

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Sample Reports from Psychometric Assessments

The following sample reports show the depth and detail that our Psychometric assessments reveal to our clients: