Psychometric Assessments

Here is the complete list of Psychometric Assessments offered to our clients. As you will observe, the list is very extensive and covers a wide spectrum of assessments in the categories of (1) Career, (2) Personality, (3) Attitude & Lifestyle, (4) Intelligence, and (5) Relationships. Click on a tab below to find out more about the assessments in that category.

Clerical Aptitude Assessment: Office workers keep a company running like clockwork. Are you that person the CEO and others can rely on to get things done? This assessment is designed to help human resource managers and employers assess a candidate’s potential for being a competent Administrative Assistant. The goal is to determine whether or not there is a match between the job requirements and the test-taker’s personality and skills. This test battery includes the following three scales: Work Attitudes, Interpersonal Skills, and Technical Skills.

Customer Service Profile: With the globalization of many organizations, we have seen an industrial shift towards a more service-oriented society. The number of jobs in the service sector is on the rise. As competition, both on a global and national scale, has risen in the new millennium, it has become increasingly important for companies to offer quality customer support related to the products or services they provide. Nowadays, unsatisfied customers can easily turn to a variety of competitors to suit their needs. The Customer Service Profile Test is an assessment designed to help human resource managers and supervisors measure a candidate’s potential for being a successful customer service representative.

Employee Attitude and Personality Test: How would one define a model employee? While there are a number of traits and skills that are considered important, the best candidate to hire is the person whose traits and skills will be the most successful at helping a company accomplish its goals and fulfill its vision. This is why it is essential to choose candidates who possess the type of characteristics that will allow them to thrive in the company’s established work environment and protocol. This assessment is designed to evaluate whether you have the traits and skills needed to be a productive and successful worker. by assessing what type of work style you possess, your primary, secondary, and minor traits/skills, and offers some helpful work tips.

Entrepreneurial Aptitude Profile: Finding a job we love is essential for personal and professional satisfaction. It makes the time pass quickly and leaves us content rather than drained at the end of the day. There are some people who have more trouble than others finding the perfect job. Maybe they have a hard time taking directions or hate working in an industry they aren’t passionate about. Perhaps they have a lot of great ideas that they never get to implement because of all the bureaucratic red tape in their workplace. Sometimes, they just feel driven to achieve, heading towards some finish line that most people can’t see. These people work best when they set out on their own, as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Personality Assessment: A rare combination of persistence and a variety of personality traits are necessary to be successful as an entrepreneur. It takes an independent, self-motivated spirit, a rule-abiding nature (at least when it comes to adhering to the legal system), as well as people skills and networking abilities. An optimistic attitude can help overcome the setbacks that can occur in any business endeavor. Finally, an entrepreneur must be willing to take chances and handle the uncertainty inherent in risk-taking. The results will include a description of the style that most closely fits your responses on the questionnaire. This style is based on those found in Bill Wagner’s book, The Entrepreneur Next Door. Reading about this individual’s type can give you insight into the environment in which you would thrive as an entrepreneur.

Goal-Setting Skills Assessment: Everyone wants to know the secret to success, the ever-elusive key that opens the door to achievement and prosperity. Before a person can achieve his/her dreams however, he/she needs to know what they are, and then set concrete steps to reach them. This, in a nutshell, is goal-setting (or aspiration). Although what you aspire to achieve does not guarantee success, the manner in which you set and approaches your goals has a significant impact on what you accomplish, both in the everyday and on a lifetime scale. Goal-setting has a wide and powerful influence on people’s lives. Once you are aware of your approach to goal-setting, you can work towards improving it so that you can reach your true potential.

IT Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile: The IT battery is a test that can help determine your suitability for a career in the IT industry. From the analytical skills required to manipulate complex computer systems to the time management skills needed to keep projects running on time, this battery of tests is a great tool for determining your potential for success in this field. The psychometric scales included in this test are: Meticulousness, Concentration, Prioritization, Attitude Towards Teamwork, Team vs. Individual Preference, Adaptability, Pattern Recognition, Classification, Analogies, Logic, Creative Problem-Solving, Patience, Time Management, Reaction to Stress, and Integrity. From the results provided by the combination of these skills and traits, you will be better able to effectively judge your aptitude for a position in the IT industry.

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