Our Coaching Model

The focus of our “DARE” Coaching Model is to help you the client find and live your life purpose through your career path.

DARE Coaching Model_Transparent

Coaching draws from the fields of Adult Learning Theory, Philosophy, Psychology, Consulting, Management Theory, and Spirituality. As Professional coaches, we provide an ongoing partnership designed to help our clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives, and enhance the overall quality of their lives. We as coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customize our approach to the individual needs of our clients. We seek to elicit solutions and strategies from our clients because we truly believe our clients are naturally creative and resourceful. Our job as coaches is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that you the client already have. We help you the client to establish what is important to you and we help you to clarify your values. With your input, we the coaches co-create value-based goals, and a plan to achieve them. Through collaboration, we support you to achieve these goals!

The “D A R E” model was developed by YourLifePurpose Limited with the specific goal in mind to assist people in discovering their “life purpose” through their careers, and then embarking on living this life purpose.  A purpose-driven life is a fulfilling, healthier and happier life.

We use the “D A R E” model in our life and career coaching practice as a method of clarifying the steps that the client can expect in our coaching relationship as they seek to gain clarity in this very important endeavor of bringing meaning and fulfillment to their lives.  The benefits of living a purpose-driven life include improved personal health and family stability.  We dare our clients to step out of the norm of society where more than 80% of people in the working world do not enjoy their careers, and to find that career that will bring passion and fulfillment to their lives!

Discern: The first half of Phase 1 of the model is the stage where we work with the  client to discern what their vocational calling is in life.  Most if not all vocations in life fall into one of three silos, namely, single life, married life, and religious life.  There can sometimes be an overlap between these silos as in the case where some religions allow for married clergy.  The client is encouraged to attend retreats and similar discernment forums to determine what vocation God might be calling them to.

Affirm: The second half of Phase 1 of the model is the stage where the client has  to affirm the vocational silo discerned in the first half of Phase 1.  All too often, people have a tendency to not want to listen to that quiet voice within them that is pointing them in a particular vocational direction.  By asking close friends and family members about our vocational choice, we can often get confirmation from them, and thus affirm our choice.

Reveal: The first half of Phase 2 of the model is the stage where we engage with the client to reveal the career path that best suites their strengths, and fits with the particular vocational calling determined in Phase 1 of the process.  This is achieved in a number of career coaching sessions (typically four) using the “Vocational Style & Personality Assessment or VoSPA” licensed from Psychtests, Inc. The VoSPA assessment produces a report that lists the interests, intelligence types, values, and work-styles of the client in descending order of scores, and then lists six to ten careers that match the client’s strengths.  The report is then used in the coaching relationship as a starting point for the client’s self-discovery regarding their career path and consequent “life purpose.”

Embrace: The second half of Phase 2 of the model is the stage where the client would embrace their “life purpose” journey and needs an ongoing life coaching partnership to help keep the balance in the four areas of their life, namely, the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.  This is usually structured either in a package of prepaid sessions or as needed.