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Our Psychometric Assessments

YourLifePurpose Limited, in conjunction with our partner PsychTests, Inc. offers THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE, ACCURATE AND DIVERSE PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENTS to the Caribbean and Internationally! Developed by a team of experienced psychologists and programmers, the assessments utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to deliver precise scoring and in depth analysis instantaneously in a user-friendly environment. The assessments are developed by a team of experienced Ph. D. specialists. The technical team, directed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers, continuously conducts experiments and simulations to improve the AI systems that handle complicated scoring algorithms. All of the professional tests offered are rigorously developed and based on a thorough statistical analysis. Each test is well researched and designed according to the APA (American Psychological Association) standards for educational and psychological testing. These tests have become the backbone of Psychometric assessment services to human resource personnel, therapists, academics, researchers and a host of other professionals around the world. Click here for the complete list of the Psychometric assessments offered to our clients. As you will observe, the list is very extensive and covers a wide spectrum of assessments in the categories of (1) Career, (2) Personality, (3) Attitude & Lifestyle, (4) Intelligence, and (5) Relationships. Click on each to find out more about the assessments in that category.


Use Career Coaching to Discover Your Ideal Career

At YourLifePurpose Limited, we offer Career and Life Coaching services coupled with the use of Psychometric assessments. A survey carried out by Harris Interactive (2006) showed that over 80% of working people in the US do not have their “dream jobs”. This means that most people are in careers that they are not passionate about, and thus are not living purpose-driven lives. We tackle this problem in a systematic way that produces amazing results in four or less coaching sessions. Below are the simple steps that we use in this process of helping you to discover your ideal career. Our aim is to help you select one of the careers in the orange section of the Career Coaching Cube:

> We assign you certain Psychometric assessments to complete at our Online Assessment Centre, the main one being the Vocational Style and Career Assessment (VoSCA).

> This assessment produces a report that lists your interests, intelligence types, values, and work-styles in descending order of scores, and then lists approximately 10 to 30 careers from the most up-to-date US Department of Labor’s career database that match your strengths. The report is then used in the Career Coaching relationship as a starting point for your self-discovery regarding your career path and consequent “life purpose.”

> We always follow up with you at the start of each session to see what progress was made on the action plan from the last session, and to keep things flowing in a positive direction until your final goal is achieved!

> We also enter all of the notes from the Career Coaching sessions, along with links to your Psychometric PDF reports, as well as your research and notes from each session, in a password-protected blog that you can always refer back to later in life to remember how you arrived at the decision for your ideal career. Read more details…


Use Life Coaching to Regain Balance in Your Life

We live in a world of ever increasing speed and complexity, with technology driving us all to dizzying heights. We all wonder why the quality of our lives is not what it used to be, and we know that something is missing. This is because life was meant to be lived as a balance between the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our beings. This is how we have been created. It’s like a wheel which spins smoothly when all four quarters are evenly weighted. echnology, while it has brought great benefits to our lives, has also robbed us of quality relationships and quiet time to reflect on the meaning and direction of our lives. Families no longer seem to communicate around the dinner table, and many marriages are strained to the point of breaking. How do you regain regain the balance in you life that is so critical to your sense of well being, including our family life, our work life and our social life? This is where the field of Life Coaching can assist. By meeting regularly with a Life Coach, you can assess the state of your “wheel” i.e. the balance or lack thereof in your life, and create a plan to regain and keep that balance. The rewards to you, your family members, your friends and co-workers will simply be amazing. Your sense of joy, peace and well-being will radiate from you to those around you. We hope that you will consider using a Life Coach to help you on your life’s journey. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. Read more details…


Client Testimonials

“At the beginning of my Coaching sessions, I wanted to relieve my confusion about my career path and my future at large. I participated in four Coaching sessions with Anthony, and my overall experience with him as my Career and Life Coach was wonderful! I gained an incredible sense of purpose and direction for my life. Before this I was horribly depressed and confused about my career and my future at large, but now I have great clarity and focus, and I’m excited about my future prospects. I completed three Psychometric assessments as part of the process, and was able to choose my ideal career path in the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology. I would strongly recommend the Career and Life Coaching services of Anthony and YourLifePurpose Limited to my friends!” Click here to read more. Natasha Sutherland

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