VoSCA-F3: Vocational Style and Career Assessment for Form 3 Students of the Caribbean

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YourLifePurpose Limited continues to strive for new developments in the fields of Education and Human Resources.  In 2015, we worked diligently with our Psychometric partner in Canada (PsychTests Inc.) to develop an assessment that is specifically directed to Form 3 students of the Caribbean.  This assessment will assist them in more accurately selecting their Caribbean Secondary (CSEC) School subjects for Form 4 and beyond.  That means…no more guesswork, uncertainty, and stress when it comes time for you to choose your subjects for Form 4!  This is exciting news because nothing of its kind has ever been done before, and no Psychometric assessment of its kind exists in the entire Caribbean region!


    How does it work?

    VoSCA-F3 Screen Shot

    The first step in the recommended Career Coaching process for each Form 3 student would be the completion of the Psychometric assessment entitled “Vocational Style and Career Assessment for Form 3 Students of the Caribbean” (VoSCA-F3). On completion, our assessment center will generate a 45-page PDF report which will consist of a list of 10 main careers that fit the student’s career interests, intelligence types, work styles and values. There are also 10 additional careers in the report for the student to consider as possible choices. Each of the recommended careers will show the required CSEC school subjects which should be taken in order to achieve their chosen career(s) in the future.

    The students can then meet with one of our Career and Life Coaches for a Career Coaching session(s) where they will discuss the results of the VoSCA-F3 report. This can be done in either a one-on-one basis or in a Group Coaching format in the classroom. The goal of these Career Coaching sessions is for the Form 3 students to review the information for the various careers recommended for them in the report, do some research of their own, and then settle on a shortlist of careers that they want to focus on.

    Coaching Model Theory

    Typically, the shortlist should consist of 5 to 8 careers of interest. The choices on the Form 3 student’s career shortlist should fit into the orange cube in the diagram shown to the left.

    This assessment and the Career Coaching session would give students a head start in choosing the right career(s) and associated CSEC Secondary School subjects. It would also be much easier for them to complete their academic life which will now be more aligned to their values, intelligence and personality.

    Your Recommended Careers and Subjects