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Category: Reflections on Life

What the World Needs Now

Do you remember the popular song entitled “What the World Needs Now is Love?”  The song’s lyrics were written in 1965 by Hal David and the music composed by Burt […]

Career of a Lifetime

By ANGELA PIDDUCK Sunday, May 20 2012 Download PDF version of this article: Click here. Gone are the days when the choice of a profession was either a doctor, lawyer […]

The Effects on Health and Family Life of Not Living a Purpose-Driven Life

A survey carried out by Harris Interactive (2006) on behalf of showed that 84% of working people in the US do not have their “dream jobs”. This means that most people are not in careers that they like or are not passionate about, and thus are not fulfilling what they consider their “life purpose”.

Bitter or Better?

Let’s face it – we’ve all been wronged in this life in one way or another.  We may have recently or in the past, experienced such a hurtful situation that […]

So What’s the Good News?

The word “gospel” is used over 75 times in the New Testament part of the Bible?  Have you ever wondered what this word means? It simply means “good news”, that’s […]

Led Down the Garden Path

Do you know how to boil a frog?  If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will quickly jump out. But if you put a frog […]

Living a Purpose-Driven Life

We live in a world of ever increasing speed and complexity, with technology driving us all to dizzying heights. We all wonder why the quality of our lives is not […]

From Captivity to Freedom

What are the chances of meeting two people within 24 hours who both went to prison for crimes that they had committed years ago, only to find out that they […]

The Value of Suffering

Have you ever wondered why there is so much suffering in our world, and what purpose suffering serves?  Many people throughout history have pondered this agonizing question but not many […]

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