Business Intelligence

At YourLifePurpose Limited, we offer Business Intelligence Consulting services. By accurately measuring employee traits and skills, you can gather customised Business Intelligence, which in turn will:

-> Enable Management to make informed decisions

-> Optimise your organisation’s human potential

-> Improve agility and reap a positive ROI

Overview of the BI Consulting Process

Psychometric Assessments with PsychTests’ built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are administered for staff member groups such as Managers, Salespersons, Customer Service Reps, etc. Next, the ARCH Profile Data Export module is run against the assessment results for these groups and yields the raw data from the assessments.

Business Intelligence Analysis and Recommendations

Business Intelligence software and analysis on the exported assessments data, combined with Consulting services yields valuable information about the people in your organization. It specifically informs HR and C-level members about the best and most targeted form of training for each group in their organizations.

Business Intelligence in Action

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