Leadership Coaching

At YourLifePurpose Limited, we work with Managers, Supervisors and Directors to help improve their performance in areas of emotional intelligence as well as Managerial skills. Leadership Coaching builds a trusted partnership between the Coach and the Manager which utilizes thought-provoking and creative processes to help maximize their personal and professional development. It also helps to mitigate company losses due to ineffective leadership. Ken Blanchard Group of Companies has shown that the average organization loses 7% of their top-line revenue due to ineffective leadership!

The orientation session will discuss concerns, challenges, and desired areas of development in detail, encouraging feedback on the manager’s views on the need for change and growth.

This process begins with the information from assigned Psychometric Assessments, it involves rating and ranking the results, and determining performance standards with a measure of accountability for results.  Coaching sessions will therefore be documented, with appropriate action plans at the end of each session.  The process of Leadership Coaching can take 3 to 12 months depending on individual progress, but typically unfolds as follows:

  1. Each Manager should participate in a one-hour Coaching session per Psychometric Assessment to discuss the details of the report and to develop a plan of action moving forward.
  2. For a sustained change it is highly recommended to participate in a quarterly retainer Coaching service, which includes the following:
  • Six (6) face-to-face Coaching sessions of up to one (1) hour each per Manager. Sessions may be held at the company site or ours. Some participants feel that an off-site facility provides a more confidential environment to express concerns.
  • Four (4) laser sessions of up to ten (10) minutes each per Manager by telephone or via Skype.
  • One (1) group Coaching session of up to one (1) hour. The group session will be held at the company site and will involve all Managers.
  • Quarterly progress reports and meetings with the company stakeholders. It is highly recommended that quarterly feedback sessions between YLP and the stakeholders are scheduled to monitor progress and ensure results are maintained.

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