Psychometric Assessments

Here is the complete list of Psychometric Assessments offered to our clients. As you will observe, the list is very extensive and covers a wide spectrum of assessments in the categories of (1) Career, (2) Personality, (3) Attitude & Lifestyle, (4) Intelligence, and (5) Relationships. Click on a tab below to find out more about the assessments in that category.

Leadership Potential Assessment: What is leadership? Leadership is getting other people to follow you towards a common goal, bringing out the best in the people around you, and helping people find a greater meaning in the everyday tasks they are asked to perform. A person who possesses the ability to lead is a great asset to any organization, group, or department. To be an effective leader takes vision, flexibility, knowledge, communication, and hard work, among many other things. Those who have the desire and the determination to sharpen their wits, hone their skills, and accentuate their virtues can pull away and deftly lead others to success. Find out if you have what it takes to be an effective leader.

Listening Skill Inventory Assessment: Listening is an active practice, not a passive one. Active listening involves two main aspects: physical attentiveness, which refers to the listener’s outward behavior, and mental attentiveness, which refers to the listener’s internal processes. The goal of the Listening Skills Test is to measure whether your process what others tell you in an effective and sensitive manner. It will determine whether you use appropriate verbal and non-verbal cues, and if you can maintain your focus on the speaker despite distractions, boredom, or the temptation to speak. Included in the results section you will find your overall listening score, your results on each of the sub-scales, your strengths and limitations, and some helpful advice on how to improve this essential but often overlooked skill.

Management Skills & Styles Assessment: The task of identifying who is or would be a good manager is admittedly complex. It is essential for an organization’s success to have managers who are well-matched to their job descriptions. Perhaps the most important aspect of management is leadership ability. Being able to take charge, motivate others, and bring out the best in all members of a group comes naturally for an excellent leader. This assessment measures four main aspects necessary to excel in management. These include: Intrapersonal Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Executive Skills, and Leadership Ability. Each of those larger factors is broken down into sub-scales. The results of these smaller scales offer helpful information about which areas, if any, need improvement. Management skills, after all, tend to evolve over time, and can be improved by making an effort, seeking training, and by gaining more experience.

Negotiation Aptitude: Whenever a disagreement occurs, some form of negotiation will almost always result. In the business world where million dollar deals are made every day, being able to negotiate effectively is crucial. The ability to resolve disagreements and come up with a mutually beneficial solution takes skill and practice. Although not every negotiator strives for a win-win situation, it is almost always the most optimal outcome in terms of maintaining the integrity of a business relationship. Of course, achieving these ends is rarely an easy endeavor. Negotiation is a process with four basic steps: Preparation and Planning, Clarification and Justification, Bargaining and Problem-Solving, and Closure and Implementation. When negotiating, it’s often the ones who are willing to compromise and find a solution that benefits all parties that come out with the biggest gains. Find out if you have the skills to be a good negotiator!

Organization Skills Test: Organizational skills are crucial to possess because they affect every aspect of a person’s life. Every day, many people waste a great deal of time looking for things or going about a task in an illogical and inefficient manner. In a fast-paced and complicated world, being organized turns time into an ally rather than an enemy. Organization is a complex skill that encompasses numerous abilities. With a little conscious effort and thought, organization skills can be developed and implemented. The goal of the Organization Skills Test is to determine how organized you are at work. It also assesses whether there are any specific facets of organization that may require some improvement. Although getting organized does require a serious effort, it does pay off in the long run.

Retail Sales Evaluation: The Retail Sales Job Fit Test is designed to help human resource managers and employers measure a candidate’s potential to be a successful salesperson. The goal is to determine whether or not there is a match between the job requirements and the candidate’s personality and skills. This test battery includes the following five sub-factors: Work Attitude, Interpersonal Skills, Organizational Skills, Coping Skills, Self-Control Skills, and Honesty & Integrity.

Security Guard Career Test: This Security Guard Career test is designed to help human resource managers and employers measure a candidate’s potential for being a competent Security Guard. The goal is to determine whether or not there is a match between the job requirements and the candidate’s personality and skills.

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