Psychometric Assessments

Here is the complete list of Psychometric Assessments offered to our clients. As you will observe, the list is very extensive and covers a wide spectrum of assessments in the categories of (1) Career, (2) Personality, (3) Attitude & Lifestyle, (4) Intelligence, and (5) Relationships. Click on a tab below to find out more about the assessments in that category.

Communication Skills Assessment: Communication is integral for any work relationship. Research has shown consistently that a deficiency in this skill can absolutely ruin relationships. The foundation of solid interpersonal skills is not just making oneself heard, but also involves an understanding of where other people are coming from. It’s not just what you say that matters – it’s how you say it. Included in these results you will find your overall communication score, your results on each of the sub-scales, your strengths and limitations, and some helpful advice on how you can improve your interpersonal skills.