Spiritual Survey for the Book “The Key, The Door, and The Garden”

I am currently in the process of writing a spiritual book entitled “The Key, The Door, and The Garden”, and I would like to take only two minutes of your time to complete this anonymous survey.  I thank you in advance for your precious time and your valuable responses:

1. What is your current age? *

2. Are you male or female? *

3. Do you consider yourself a practicing Christian or a person practicing another faith? *

4. What time do you currently go to bed on average? *

5. At what time do you typically rise in the morning? *

6. Do you spend any time in prayer before leaving your home for work or before beginning your daily chores? *

7. If not, what are some of the reasons for not spending time in prayer?

8. How long do you spend in prayer on average in the morning? *

9. Considering other times of the day when you might also pray, how much time would you say in total you spend in prayer every day? *

10. Do you believe that your relationship with God is a strong one? *

11. Are there areas of your life that you have struggled with for an extended period that you just have not been able to correct? *

12. Would you like to be able to correct these areas if you were shown a method of doing so? *

13. Would you be willing to adopt a proven method of self-improvement in your spiritual life and persevere until your saw tangible changes? *

14. If you were told that tomorrow was your last day to live, would you be ready to meet your Maker? *

15. If not, what would you change in your life right now in order to be ready at anytime to meet your Maker?

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