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Are You on the POCSI or are You in the POTS?

POCSI - Path of Continual Self-Improvement- CollagePOCSI is an acronym for “Path of Continual Self-Improvement”. People who are on the “POCSI” have an internal locus of control, and so by nature are active participants in the arena of life. They do not blame others for their failings and rarely criticize others for the problems around them. Instead, they always look within to see how they can improve themselves, as well as the circumstances and institutions that they are a part of. They do not have a problem saying sorry for the mistakes they have made, and have the ability to forge strong and meaningful relationships with others. Make no mistake about it, being on the POCSI takes hard work and dedication, and is a life-long journey of effort. But the rewards far outweigh the work!


POTS - Pond of Terminal Stagnation-Collage

POTS is an acronym for “Pond of Terminal Stagnation”. People who are in the “POTS” have an external locus of control, and tend to be passive spectators in life. They tend to see their failings as a result of things outside of their control, and will often blame others and life in general, for their shortcomings and failings. They have a difficult time apologizing to others, and therefore have very shallow and one-sided relationships. They tend to harbour bitterness against others and life, and never achieve their true God-given potential in life. Of course, being in the POTS takes little to no effort, but as the old saying goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So are you on the Path of Continual Self-Improvement or are you in the Pond of Terminal Stagnation? As this imagery depicts most accurately, being on the POCSI is dynamic and life-giving, whereas being in the POTS is boring, life-draining and self-defeating. Sadly, only a small percentage of people are on the POCSI while the majority of the population live in the POTS!

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