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Joint Breakfast Seminar for Businesses and Secondary Schools

invitation-banner_finalWe would like to thank you for registering for this joint Breakfast Seminar for Secondary Schools and Businesses, which is being held on Tuesday 27 September from 8:00 to 9:30 AM, which will be sponsored by YourLifePurpose Limited.  Click here to fill in your registration details now.  The seminar will be held in the main boardroom at ESG Business Suites, which is located at 9-11 Fitt Street in Woodbrook.  We are proposing that private companies consider “adopting” one or more Secondary Schools in order to sponsor a project using the VoSCA-F3 Psychometric assessment, along with Group Career Coaching services to help Form 3 students in the daunting task of selecting their CSEC school subjects for Form 4.  This is exciting news because nothing of its kind has ever been done before, and no Psychometric Assessment like this one exist in the entire Caribbean region!

Here are the benefits that a company such as yours would reap from this type of sponsorship:

> A joint marketing campaign between your company and YourLifePurpose Limited in the various presentations that we will deliver to the parents and students of the Secondary School that you choose to sponsor.
>  Brand awareness as students and parents will also benefit from your products and services being offered.
>  Media coverage at the close of the program via press and social media.
>  A sense of pride and ownership in helping the youth of Trinidad and Tobago become better citizens.
>  A much better skilled and well-adjusted pool of employees to choose from as these students move into the work force in later years.
>  Tremendous goodwill and publicity in sponsoring such a noble venture.

This seminar will give you a chance to see first-hand how the VoSCA-F3 Assessment tool will work for Form 3 students in their subject selection and career guidance process, and you will also get a chance to meet some of the school principals who are very excited in taking on this initiative.

To sign up for this breakfast seminar, fill out the form below as soon as possible because space is limited!

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