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How Life Coaching Can Transform Your Life

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We live in a world of ever increasing speed and complexity, with technology driving us all to dizzying heights. We all wonder why the quality of our lives is not what it used to be, and we know that something is missing. This is because life was meant to be lived as a balance between the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our beings. This is how we have been created.  Technology, while it has brought great benefits to our lives, has also robbed us of quality relationships and quiet time to reflect on the meaning and direction of our lives.  Families no longer seem to communicate around the dinner table, and many marriages are strained to the point of breaking.



It’s like a wheel which spins smoothly when all four quarters are evenly weighted. Can this wheel spin with three quarters only, for example, with the emotional piece missing? Sure it can, but only if the weight from the other three quarters (mental, physical, and spiritual) are shifted around to balance the wheel evenly, which means, hiding our emotional issues evenly among the other three aspects of our lives. If, however the emotional issues come together at the same place and time, then it becomes obvious that there is no weight on that quarter of the wheel to support these issues, and the wheel can spin out of control, and even fly off its axle. Furthermore, the wheel certainly cannot spin properly with two quarters missing (e.g. spiritual and emotional). Since this is so critical to our sense of well-being, including our family life, our work life and our social life, how do we try to regain this balance? This is where Life Coaching can assist, especially when coupled with the self-awareness gained by completing a Multidimensional Emotional IQ assessment (MEIQ) to see your strengths and limitations. By meeting for a few sessions with a Life Coach to discuss your MEIQ assessment results, you can assess the state of your “wheel” i.e. the balance or lack thereof in your life, and create a plan to regain and keep that balance. The rewards to you, your family members, your friends and co-workers will simply be amazing. Your sense of joy, peace and well-being will radiate from you to those around you. Consider using a Life Coach to help you on your life’s journey. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

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