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Career Choices for Your Age Group – Making Decisions from Your Youth to Retirement

Career ChoicesWhether you are 16 years old and currently in secondary school, or you’re in your twenties or thirties and currently in the workforce, or you’re nearing retirement but want to do something meaningful for your remaining years, the task of choosing a career that you’re passionate about is simply a daunting task today. A hundred years ago, there were approximately forty to fifty career types to choose from, and a person normally chose to follow in their parents’ footsteps for their own career. The dilemma of choosing a career today is simple: as of 2013, there were approximately 1,300 distinct careers listed in the US Department of Labour! How is a teenager, or a person already in the workforce who is not happy with their existing career, or someone looking to pursue a passion or dream after retirement, supposed to know which of these 1,300 careers they would excel at, and actually enjoy? There is also the challenge of finding such a career that would provide a good income to meet your financial needs. Finally, let’s not forget about the issue of your employment chances once you have completed your course of study for this particular career! Does this all seem to overwhelming for you? Welcome to today’s world – many people are totally lost when it comes to solving the above three challenges related to their career choices at all stages of their lives.

A survey carried out by Harris Interactive (2006) showed that over 80% of working people in the US do not have their “dream jobs”. This means that most people are in careers that they are not passionate about, and thus are not living purpose-driven lives.

At YourLifePurpose Limited, we tackle this problem in a systematic way that produces amazing results in four or less Coaching sessions. We license over 67 types of Psychometric assessments from PsychTests Inc. (Montreal, Canada). PsychTests’ assessments are known for their accuracy and easy-to-read reports, statistical reliability and validity, and for their use of artificial intelligence methods that mimic human reasoning. The company has been serving clients in Canada, the US and around the world since 1996, and has administered close to 100 million tests since then.

Here are the simple steps that we use in this process of helping you to discover your ideal career:

  1. We assign you the Psychometric called the “Vocational Style & Career Assessment”. The report recommends approximately 30 careers suited to your personality, which are broken down as follows:
    (A) There are 10 main careers recommended for you.
    (B) There are also up to 20 supplemental careers that are recommended for you in the report.
    (C) In addition, for each of the 10 main careers recommended for you, there are related careers providing additional careers for you to consider.
  2. The report is then used in the Career Coaching relationship as a starting point for your self-discovery regarding your career path and consequent “life purpose.”
  3. We always follow up with you at the start of each session to see what progress was made on the action plan from the last session, and to keep things flowing in a positive direction until your final goal is achieved!
  4. Within four Career Coaching sessions, we help you to narrow this list by 97% down to 3 to 4 careers for your shortlist. By interviewing people working in these careers, you can typically find your ideal career.
  5. We also enter all of the notes from the Career Coaching sessions, along with links to your Psychometric PDF reports, as well as your research and notes from each session, in a password-protected blog that you can always refer back to later in life to remember how you arrived at the decision for your ideal career

Coaching Model CubeThe goal is to achieve at least 70% passion level, 70% income level, and 70% employment chances as shown in the orange cube. Each star represents a potential career that you would excel at. So you can actually discover your ideal career, regardless of your age group: teenager, midlife and already in the workforce, or nearing retirement and looking for a post-retirement career. Now that’s what the Career and Life Coaches at our company are trained to help you with. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get the process started now:

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